Monday, March 23, 2009

Hall and Gascoigne

'First Contact' by Fiona Hall in 'Global Liquidity 1998' exhibition. It is painted on Daphne paper using Gouache paints. The Daphne paper, also called Lokta paper, is a handmade paper produced in Nepal and is very age-resistant. The paper is manufactured at an altitude of 1500 - 2500 feet and spring water from the mountains is used for moulding, finally the paper dries in the sun. Its raw material is obtained by peeling away the bark of Daphne plant, which is especially grows in Himalayas. While Gouache paint is quick, direct and more controllable than watercolor. It is applied thinly at the start of painting to give a wash for the background. Then layers of thicker paints are added to give contrast.

'Cocatoo' by Rosalie Gascoigne in 1991, on found wooden board. Gascoigne is recognised in using repeat graphic shapes, letters, and found materials to create balanced composition. She gets her assembling skills from her ikebana-flower arranging lesson. She cut up and rearrange the lettering found on the board to create abstract grids of letters and word fragments.

Sketchup 2

Sunday, March 15, 2009

SketchUp 1

The upper part is made from concrete with no windows as an opening to show determination in keeping a secret. While the lower part is complicated, made from steel and glass.

18 sketches

Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Three Words

Fiona Hall: origin, develop, complicated

Tracey Moffat: affection, cherish, warm

Rosalie Gascoigne: secret, scramble, mysterious


This is a framed photo collections which I made with my friends in high school for a birthday gift. We simply glued some photos which have precious memories onto a card-box frame (due to limited budget we could not afford to buy a wooden frame) and decorated it with rainbow-panda-shaped woolen felt fabrics, bows, and stuffs. Unfortunately, this is the only photo of my handcrafted 'art' work which I got as I usually never took picture of my works (and I regret it a lot now).

The Dynamic Tower in Dubai has inspired me the first time I read about it on a newspaper. Designed by Dr. David Fisher, it shows not only magnificent design, but a breakthrough in engineering as well. It will be the first skyscraper which its floors can rotate independently just by voice command and still being energy-friendly as it will have wind turbines and solar panels on each floor. It is expected to be completed in 2010. This amazing tower shows that architecture can combine beautiful art and innovative technology to create a better living space.

This photo was taken in Bali, Indonesia. It was a beautiful sunset with clear sky and no ships as far as the eyes could see the ocean. The sky forms a beautiful color gradient, as well as the sea does from dark purply-gray in the middle of the sea to lighter color near the seaside. The beach is showed in pitch black in this photo, but that makes it looks more beautiful because there is a contrast in color between the beach and the sea.