Wednesday, April 7, 2010

ARCH1201 - Poche

ARCH1201 - Parti : Structure

Outer load bearing shell fully enclose the villa and is further supported by four columns, one of which is an elevator shaft.

ARCH1201 - Parti : Geometry

Simple orthogonal geometries enhance the sense of enclosure with an interesting point is the boudoir, a box within a box.

ARCH1201 - Parti : Circulation

Directed circulation within the villa does not allow its inhabitants to rest before they reach their destination rooms; it speaks Loos' idea of functionality.

ARCH1201 - Parti : Enclosure

Enclosure is felt in Villa Muller, dividing outside and inside with its windows are practically do not allow direct view access, either because of its opacity and or some furniture obstruct its path. One particular room with strong enclosure sense is the boudoir, with its window overviews the hall even though its unable to see clearly.

ARCH1201 - Progression Model

ARCH1201 - Villa Muller

Designed by Czech architect Adolf Loos, it embodies his idea of economy and functionality. The spatial design, known as Raumplan, is evident in the multi-level parts of individual rooms, indicating their function and symbolic importance. Raumplan is exhibited in the interior as well as the exterior.

"My architecture is not conceived in plans, but in spaces (cubes). I do not design floor plans, facades, sections. I design spaces. For me, there is no ground floor, first floor, etc...For me, there are only contiguous, continual spaces, rooms, anterooms, terraces, etc. Storeys merge and spaces relate to each other"