Thursday, October 29, 2009

ARCH1142 - Reflection

Fluid thoughts to action
From this workshop, I learned some new techniques in drawing with different media (charcoal, ink, paper collage) and how to transfer individual's unique perception on objects to a paper. Interestingly, this 'transfer' is very much influenced by the drawing techniques, whether it is charcoal, soft brush strokes, or glued paper, thus it can create a lot of version of just one object. From this workshop, I was encouraged to be proud and value my works since there is no right or wrong in art.

This workshop was quite difficult for me since I couldn't really catch the tutors intention. On this workshop, we explore an idea through 2D and 3D model. We were required to draw, make a collage poster and models from balsa and found objects. I learned to convey an idea in a more poetic way and explore more deeply the potential of an idea.

Architecture in motion
This workshop was my final one I attended for communication and that was quite interesting and fun. In making the animation, I had to draw about 30 sequences of images and manipulated them to a 20 seconds animation. After making the clip, I realized that it was quite hard to visualize our imagination to an animation. Simple painting, sketching, and crafting could directly transcribe a person’s think, but this animation only could be achieved by a sequence of still and smooth images to create a sense of movement. From this workshop, I learned how to use the program 'window movie maker' and how to capture more audiences by having an interesting and punchy theme.

ARCH1142 - Architecture in motion

The Ambiguous Space

My animation is about how space can control the behavior of living beings. The animation starts from a simple dot, and then grows to vectors and lines. The space created is a transition from a narrow long hallway to a glazed walls end, with a set of stairs as the transitioning tool. While this space is not yet defined, a blue sky appears and invites a bird to fly in, challenging the abstract space to reach its objective – fly toward the blue sky, toward its freedom and leave the building. As the bird flies toward the blue sky, the space is slowly more refined, creating more sense of invitation. However when the bird is getting closer to its exit and its hope is highly built up, it does not know the existence of the glass wall. Soon it hits the glass wall which separates the bird from its freedom. The bird could not help but still entrapped inside the building. The space, although it seems to be inviting and kind, eventually it does not let the bird to reach its objective - the space is merely toying around with it.

ARCH1142 - Modelling

Six drawings describing six words

A collage poster telling a story on the difference a piazza feels on rush hour and weekend. Despite the cold and masculine appearance of it, the piazza has a warm and feminine side as well. The model describes how cold and warm elements could combine creating a harmony.

A poster and model describing how freedom is perceived on the eye of the beholder. Its current state could mean freedom for someone, but also could mean confinement for others. The person inside the broken cage faces two choices, that is to stay and believe he already achieves his freedom, or to slip pass through the gap to pursue his own freedom.

Monday, August 24, 2009

ARCH1142 - Fluid Thoughts to Movement

Collections of drawings, drawn with charcoal, drawing ink and paper collage.

Monday, June 22, 2009

UT maps and Sketch Up

For sketchup file can be downloaded here since I couldn't upload it to google warehouse,

For Obama's draft workplace,

For Prada's draft workplace (using failed sketchup, unfortunately I didn't save the progress for this one) ,

For final UT map,

Final UT map

Prada's lift..

Prada's work place...the brave and striking combination of colour show the powerful in combining extensive designs. it also reflects the cheerful and unique personality of Prada. note the shapes are purely orthogonal.
Prada's workplace from far

meeting place, joining the geometrical and circular shapes in harmony...

Obama's workplace...the purely organic shapes suggest the power of Obama's ambition.
Obama's lift


Dining table

Obama's lift

Prada's lift

Draft 1 Prada


2 points perspectives

Sunday, June 21, 2009

18 perspectives

Mash Up Articles

Desperation and luxury are mortal enemies. Fear and power do not peacefully coexist. It follows, then, that she who wishes to reach the most rarefied and potent ranks of fashion, whether in dealmaking or designing, must have a certain serenity. The rare talent is to wear ambition lightly, and to allow toughness to be taken for granted. Obama’s life and career suggest he has that talent—or at least that gift. He long ago decided that he had a chance to make something extraordinary of himself.This remarkable result went almost unnoticed outside the entertainment trade press. ...defying all pop’s laws of obsolescence, Obama’s restlessness is a quality that would lead him to conclude, again and again, that the time had come to make a take a chance, to aim higher...when others told him to wait his turn. Far more often than not, his timing has been right... a certain above-the-fray quality, with a thought that part of her life has been a deliberate attempt to not repeat mistakes. But having created some definitive design benchmarks, her next big idea was to broaden her recognition. ...he was “fairly practical” and “pretty mindful of wanting to forge alliances with people, even unexpected folks.” Yet he was also ambitious. ...her “planning, personal discipline and constant attention to detail” as models for all aspiring entrepreneurs.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Final UT map

Here is my UT environment map. Hope it's working

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Shadow as Repetition

I found the concept of 'Shadow as Repetition' is most relevant to my models. I believe shadow adds a different element in my environment components besides solid forms and shapes. I feel it evokes a different feeling when a symmetrical shape casts an asymmetrical shadow, as if it completes the lack of randomness of the shapes. Through appropriate lighting direction, shadow creates distinct effects although repeated solid shapes were used. The shadow casted are unique to themselves, not bound by each other or the solid shapes. Without the use of manipulative lighting and shadow, I believe all of this result would not be achieved.

EXP2 Final

Nobel's lab idea is simplicity, yet it can bring peace to his melancholic personality. The peacefulness and serenity within his lab is hopefully can bring him to escape from outside world, especially after he was condemned inventing dynamite which can kill lots of people.

The image below is the entrance to the lab. The entrance is a big opening, showing acceptance and understanding his lab offers at anytime and anywhere.

Jacques Yves Cousteau's lab is more to human intervention in creating space for their own good, functionally and aesthetically. It can be seen from lots of shapes on the exterior and interior. The dynamic characteristic of this model suits Cousteau's adventurous personality. However, the yellow light creates a calming environment, suggesting him for taking a rest from his hectic day life.

I've attempted to design so lots of sunlight can get in. It is showing his interaction with nature eventhough he is inside his lab, besides it also creates beautiful shadow casting.

36 Textures

EXP2 (2)

Below is the ramp from Nobel's lab to the meeting place. The ramp here goes from smooth from the lab to many obstacles (small blocks) toward the meeting place. It shows easiness when Nobel walks to his own lab, which is his own space where he could find peace. On the other hand,
the feeling of hardship and fear appear when he walks to the meeting place, the outside world where his idea is challenged. For the same reason, the meeting place is divided to two part: the dark and scary on Nobel's side, and bright and calm on Cousteau's side. The reddish light adds further scary effect to Nobel.

The meeting place is formed by many blocks organized into one harmonious space with big openned entrances, symbolizing lots of idea can be poured there
but only one which is the most agreeable by both sides can be accepted.

The 'bright' side meeting place on Cousteau's wall with the ramp. The ramp resembles a whirlwind, showing active and dynamic characteristic of Cousteau.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Electroliquid Aggregation

Mankind has probably done more damage to the earth, therefore it is human nature to put hope in seeking for escape and hiding the truth of destruction caused by their selves.

'Hope is nature's veil for hiding truth's nakedness' - Alfred Nobel

'Mankind has probably done more damage to the Earth in the 20th century than in all of previous human history' - Jacques Yves Cousteau

18 Parallel Projections