Monday, June 22, 2009

UT maps and Sketch Up

For sketchup file can be downloaded here since I couldn't upload it to google warehouse,

For Obama's draft workplace,

For Prada's draft workplace (using failed sketchup, unfortunately I didn't save the progress for this one) ,

For final UT map,

Final UT map

Prada's lift..

Prada's work place...the brave and striking combination of colour show the powerful in combining extensive designs. it also reflects the cheerful and unique personality of Prada. note the shapes are purely orthogonal.
Prada's workplace from far

meeting place, joining the geometrical and circular shapes in harmony...

Obama's workplace...the purely organic shapes suggest the power of Obama's ambition.
Obama's lift


Dining table

Obama's lift

Prada's lift

Draft 1 Prada


2 points perspectives

Sunday, June 21, 2009

18 perspectives

Mash Up Articles

Desperation and luxury are mortal enemies. Fear and power do not peacefully coexist. It follows, then, that she who wishes to reach the most rarefied and potent ranks of fashion, whether in dealmaking or designing, must have a certain serenity. The rare talent is to wear ambition lightly, and to allow toughness to be taken for granted. Obama’s life and career suggest he has that talent—or at least that gift. He long ago decided that he had a chance to make something extraordinary of himself.This remarkable result went almost unnoticed outside the entertainment trade press. ...defying all pop’s laws of obsolescence, Obama’s restlessness is a quality that would lead him to conclude, again and again, that the time had come to make a take a chance, to aim higher...when others told him to wait his turn. Far more often than not, his timing has been right... a certain above-the-fray quality, with a thought that part of her life has been a deliberate attempt to not repeat mistakes. But having created some definitive design benchmarks, her next big idea was to broaden her recognition. ...he was “fairly practical” and “pretty mindful of wanting to forge alliances with people, even unexpected folks.” Yet he was also ambitious. ...her “planning, personal discipline and constant attention to detail” as models for all aspiring entrepreneurs.